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East Coast Open
Scarborough Art Gallery (Scarborough Museums Trust) 
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Malopolska 5, Szczecin, Poland
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Exhibition at Blackheath Gallery, London

Testing the Sublime Limits of Vision, NoFormat Gallery, London, 2012

Testing the Sublime Limits of Vision, NoFormat Gallery, London, 2012

Commissioned painting for Tokyo Marriott Hotel, Shinagawa(formerly Gotenyama Garden Hotel Laforet Tokyo)

Commissioned painting for Tokyo Marriott Hotel, Shinagawa(formerly Gotenyama Garden Hotel Laforet Tokyo)

Dark, Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich, London, 2010

AmericanBrits, two-artist show, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London, 2013

AmericanBrits, two-artist show, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London, 2013

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Talented Bulgarian artist Paola Minekov has teamed up with seven international women artists to stage an art exhibition which explores the universal and powerful concept of Home.
The exhibition, entitled Home: Contemporary Female Masters, portrays women's experience of choosing to migrate and build a home in a foreign country. This relatively new social phenomenon is examined in depth by seven mid career international women artists with strong links to Europe, the Middle East, America and Africa. They explore their experience of establishing themselves and building the elements of what they perceive as 'home' wherever they are in the world.

New Year Night, acrylic painting, New Jersey coast

As Paola puts it, 'My generation of women may not have all the answers to the questions raised by the effects of migration on women,  but we are uniquely equipped to ask them.' And their questions resonate with women of all ages, everywhere.
The blog for the exhibition, which gives information about all the artists, is at and is updated regularly as the launch date approaches.
The exhibition will run from Friday 11 October until Saturday 19 October and is open from 11am to 7.30 pm Mon-Fri and Sat 11 to 4pm.

AMERICANBRITS: Art Exhibition by Two American-British Artists

14-19 January 2013, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London

Are the intrinsic cultural qualities that influence art based on the visual inheritance of an artist or the learned techniques developed within an aesthetic environment? An exhibition of paintings and sculpture by two American-born artists Rodney Beecher Roberts and Tina Mammoser explores this age old question of nature vs nurture.

Rodney Beecher Roberts, a 70 year old Californian-raised non-figurative action painter began his art career in Los Angeles has lived and worked in Herefordshire for the past ten years, becoming a citizen in 2009. Tina Mammoser is a 42 year old Chicago-born artist who began painting in England. She lives and works in London, has been in the UK nearly 20 years but only became a UK citizen in August 2012.

Rodney and Tina AmericanBrits 2013.jpg

Both artists are painting within the context of England's contemporary art scene at a time when multi cultural and international diversity are reaching a crescendo. Yet despite extensive variables, not least of which are their very different approaches to and philosophies toward painting, a distinctly visible cultural thread appears to connect and run through their work.

The exhibition which includes current and past work from both artists will take place at Gallery 27 on the historic Cork Street in London, just behind the Royal Academy. The exhibition is free for all visitors and is within walking distance of Green Park or Piccadilly tubes and buses. The gallery will be open 14th-19th January from 10-6, with evening openings till 8pm Thursday and Friday the 17th & 18th.

Event website:

American Brits - Cork Street 2013

TESTING THE SUBLIME LIMITS OF VISION: with artist Tina Mammoser and writer Stephen Baycroft

Event date: 15-25 March 2012, No Format Gallery, Woolwich, London

Tina Mammoser - Paintings
Stephen Baycroft - Critical writing

Sublime exhibition - Woolwich photo

Part 1 of "On Sublimity and Synaesthesia", a programme of art curated by freelance writer Stephen Baycroft.

In this exhibition the American artist Tina Mammoser will place paintings created in response to her experiences at the limits of ordinary vision in the context of the history of the notion of the 'sublime' (literally 'up to the limit') in Western painting.

Stephen writes from the viewpoint that Tina's 'Sublime' is created from the external viewpoint - taking the interpretation of landscape and light from physical vision and using a Kantian approach where the mind interprets the visual signals and forms a rational interpretation. But the work becomes Sublime when the rational can't entirely relate to endless or overwhelming ideas of light or space. Tina in turn will reply to Stephen's historical perspective with her intention as an artist in capturing both a scientific nature of light and aiming for the sublime in landscape views.

The work Stephen has selected for the exhibition is from Tina's series of paintings of the English coast and Venice water surfaces.

The exhibition is the first of a series, with future exhibiting artists working with Stephen Baycroft in other artistic interpretations of sensory perception. The series of exhibitions is being held at the new No Format gallery - a contemporary interdisciplinary visual arts space in Woolwich, London.

This exhibition has also been organised with the support of Blackheath Gallery, who represent Tina Mammoser in south-east London:

Sublime exhibition - Woolwich photo