The dwarf smiles and laughs with a deep cackle. “Of course, you have your priorities right!” The dwarf shouts to a young girl nearby. “Not, please bring our visitor some ale and food.” The girl looks at you, smiles and bows, and says, “there is a balcony which has a fine view, perfect for today’s warm weather.” She leads you up a small set of stairs in the back corner, up to a wooden balcony that faces the harbour. She clears a giant soft chair covered in what looks like dwarven tapestry. She sprints away and returns just moments later with a plate of fruit and cold meats, and a very large bottle of dwarven ale with a small pewter cup. “Drink it slowly, it’s Guildmaster Ironheart’s favourite - but very strong!”

You sit and rest while gazing out at the evening view. (feel free to download and save)