“Then best be on your way! Best of luck, and don’t go alone - take this.” She hands you a shimmering sword. It appears to shift and change, flickering back and forth from mace, to sword, to arrow, until it at last settles into shape as a delicate silver wand.

She gestures and the great iron door is opened for you. You exit into brilliant sunshine, unusual for a winter’s day, and can see the true span of the city. This is a rich place indeed, with cobbled roads and buildings stretching every direction. A stableboy meets you at the door with a beautiful pure white mare, blue and silver ribbons woven into its mane. “This is Binky, a fine mare. She knows the way to take you out the city walls and to the southern coast. Oh, and she loves apples.” He put a bumpy burlap bag into your riding bags.

As you climb into the saddle, a young green half-orc peers around the corner and shouts, “Millicent? IS THAT YOU? Hmf. No.” He looks up and shouts, "Where are you Millicent???”, shakes his fists, then disappears back into the guild house.

After this odd interruption, you look more closely at the wand you’ve been given.

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