“I understand. The way can be hard and fraught with dangers. But perhaps you can help us here? Feel free to stay, there are rooms available in the east wing for travellers passing through. For now, enjoy the view of the sea from our fine city. When you go, please speak kindly of the hospitality of Waterdeep and The Guild of the Golem Heart.” The dwarf nods respectfully and calls over a young man. “Tybalt, please see that our visitor has a fine room and food brought.” The boy looks at you, smiles and bows, and sprints away to the east wing.

When you reach your room there is a deep soft bed of feathers covered in elven embroidered blankets. A dish of dinner, kept warm magically, sits on a small table by the window. A bottle of the finest Waterdeep wine has been left for you. You sit and enjoy the meal while gazing out at the evening view. (feel free to download and save)