“Some of the best work is done by scholars and scribes. Let me introduce you to Aela, a resident of our library. She leads you up a large staircase at the back of the room, through maze-like corridors… you think you’re going up but then the floor seems to slope down, and in the end you’re not sure quite what floor you might be on. Guildmaster Mesalt opens a carved oaken arched door onto a grand room of bookshelves and ladders. A slight young woman looks over. Mesalt approaches her and introduces you, “Aela, please help our visitor who has come through the portal to find the ancient art we seek.”

Aela nods and whispers a hello to you. She leads you to a dusty section of the library, high up on a dimly lit balcony. “These are some of our oldest books and chests, with tales of the creators themselves. We have few people here in the library so your help searching through these would be very useful.” She coughs, and turns away. You’re left alone with great tomes, leather cases of scrolls, and small tarnished silver chests along the floor.”

As you begin rummaging through the books, you notice a dark elf in fine noble attire enter, speak quickly to Aela, frown, and leave swiftly.

After this odd interruption, your attention is grabbed by a small steel scroll case behind the silver chests.

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