Clouds stretch in from the sea and rain begins to pour down. You ride steadily through the storm, thunder muffling your gallop. You’re glad now for the guild horse, she is barely slowed by the lightning, thunder or muddy road.

Soaked through, saddlebags and all, you arrive at the gate entrance to Baldur’s Gate. The guard at the gate asks you a few questions, and then gives you directions to The Iron Hearts - the local branch of the Guild of the Golem Heart. You are directed through the city and out the southeastern gate into the outer city which lies past the walls.

“In the working docks you’ll find the guildhouse out on a pier. Got a big metal dome it does. It’s out there because the guildmaster is a vampire so not allowed inside the walls. But a good bloke really, I’m told. Be careful, guard your purse from pickpockets. And make sure you keep your weapons put away while walking the inner city.”

You’re handed a chit of paper showing you are registered as a visitor with the city, and he points you in the right direction through the gate.