On the road…

Your horse is a fine steed, and rides swiftly along the Sword Coast. You spend several days riding, through rain and sun, camping at night and waking up to beautiful dawn seas. Occasionally you ride for a while with a fellow traveller, sharing ale and food at your campfire. They tell you about the city you’re heading towards - Baldur’s Gate.

One day a merchant shares his wagon with you for a time, so the two of you can camp off the ground. He describes the city as vast and rich, run mostly by human nobles. “It’s laws are very strict, so be careful. And magic is highly frowned upon, particularly dark magic. If you’re a magic user, and don’t worry I don’t mind these things my friend, then be sure to register with the town guard or stay outside the city walls.” He goes on to tell your about some good places to stay and eat, “The Weeping Warlock tavern along the road into town from the sea and the Lost Loves tavern in the east end of the old city have good food and good beds.

On the horizon you can see the city of Baldur’s Gate nestling in on the river, with its large harbour and stone city wall.

As you part ways with your new friend, the road diverges.