Walking through the busy piers of the old town, you make your way to the shining domed building at the end of a pier with the fluttering flag of the guild. A few people are milling about near the guild house, but you’re noticed by a short dwarf (short even for a dwarf!) with dark hair, short beard, and a clipboard. “Hallo there! I’m Baldric, general greeter, dogsbody, representative of the guild, at your service.” He makes a slight bow.

Explaining your mission to find the artworks, he nods and grumbles. “Hmmm,” he says, “I believe our guildmistress Millicent Maral was actually a collector. Let me fetch guild master Duke Ursio for you….” He shuffles away into the door of the guild house.

A few moments later a finely dressed young noble emerges from the doorway, glancing up briefly at the sky and then coming outside.

With a nod he greets you, “I’m told you may be looking for information about Guild Mistress Maral. Come inside. You may stay in our dormitory and I will look through her records for you as she is away at the moment.” He turns and practically floats back into the guild house. Baldric is inside the door and takes you to a small room with bunk beds. “Take yer pick, not many folk around tonight.”

You spend the night and awake in the morning with a note from Duke Ursio and a small parcel. It reads:

“A small piece that Millicent has left behind, it appears to be a preliminary study by the artist of my own town of Ironheart. Where Miss Maral also has lodgings. I would recommend you ride there to find out more.”

Inside the parcel is another artwork and a small map to Ironheart, which lies north of the city at the foot of the Troll Hills. (feel free to download and save)