“Well chosen friend! I’ll send out a girl with it soon, if you’d like to take a table. Here is a pint of ale on the house. Enjoy.” She pours an ale from a small wooden cask, like many that are stacked against the back wall of the bar.

You wander and find a table. Next to you is a group of sailors mumbling to themselves.

“Hear they’re out on the roads looking for wizards and such. Very keen right now.”
“Our ship's cleric didn’t come for ashore, rather keep safe. A shame, he loves the bean stew here.”
“Nothing wrong with a bit of magic. Keep ye’ warm and dry in a storm sometimes.”
“I’ll just be glad to sail back to Waterdeep. Feels a bit more welcoming.”

Behind you are some women traders on the road back to town.

“Did you hear old Tara has a deal with some new guild? Call themselves adventurers. The Guild of a Golem or some such.
On the riverside by the old town I hear.”
You recognise the name, the guild you arrived at back in Waterdeep.
“Must be a good deal, she doesn’t trust new people without a good pocket of silver.”
“And I hear they have a vampire! Can you believe it?”
“Put, can’t be true. Stop listening to silly gossip Bethsda."

You sip your ale, listening to the chatter. A serving girl brings your meal and a knife. The food is good, though salty. You’re ready to continue...