You pack the letter from Duke Ursio and the painted scroll, in its silver case, in your bags. The smell of fresh tea and bread creeps through the door and you follow it into a small dining room where Baldric and a young man in city regalia sit having breakfast. The man greets you formally, “Vapula, city knight.” From his great curving horns, you know he is a tiefling. Something of a surprise in this city.

Baldric smiles at you and more warmly invites you to share their breakfast. While you eat he chats while chewing and explains your quest to Vapula. He offers suggestions for a route to Ironheart, “pretty much back the way you came, to be honest. But instead of following the coast endlessly, you need to turn in along the Winding Water river when you reach it. Ironheart sits just north along it’s banks.”

Having not spoken for nearly an hour, Vapula sets down his cup and adds, “Or, you could simply head to Mistress Maral’s noble home. The manor house in Saltfork no doubt will have more than her apartments in Ironheart. There is a cupboard here in the guild house that can transport you directly there. In the basement.” He gets up from the table without another word, sheathes his sword, and walks out.