Telling Baldric you intend to ride to Ironheart, he shrugs and goes out to prepare your horse and pack the saddlebags. You finish your tea and sweet bread.

Stepping out onto the pier, the weather is grey and blustery… winds whipping along the river towards the sea.

“On the plus side,” says Baldric, “a good wind at your back will get you there quicker! But I have packed an extra waxed wool cape for you. Just in case. You don’t seem used to this sea weather.” He gives you a lift up onto the horse, says a hearty goodbye, and slaps the horse’s flank. He shouts after you, “Don’t forget! Your paperwork to pass quickly through the city walls is in the bags!”

And he is good to his word. You ride through the old town and are given quick passage through the city gates and out to the road to the sea. The wind doesn’t let up and an hour or so out of town the rain begins to fall. Your horse seems un-phased by this, but you do pull the waxed cloak out of the saddlebags, thankful for it’s warmth.

Some hours later, absolutely drenched through from peeling rain and hail, you see the glowing windows of the Weeping Warlock tavern ahead through the misty downpour.