Asking Aela, you’re told to find the topmost floor of the guildhouse and then turn to the northern end.

Up a spiral staircase, you walk the second floor. The walls are covered in tapestries and the wooden floors are waxed and polished. Towards the north the hallway becomes dim, lit only by well spaced candlelight. You reach a heavy wooden door with scrolls of serpents etched in the metalwork details. As you go to knock, a voice from within says, “Come in.”

Hesitantly opening the heavy door, a dark elf in black and crimson robes stands inside. You notice a finely dressed female dark elf and a bodyguard standing quietly behind him in the shadows.

“We have not been properly introduced, I am Guildmaster Llekrad. I’ve heard you have already found something. Show me.”

Taking by surprise, you hand him the painted scroll. “Interesting. The scroll case is inscribed with my sister’s mark. If she did collect this work I was unaware, but you would find more in her home in Saltfork. I shall send you there.”