Shadows build and surround you, engulfing you. A wrenching sensation hits you in the stomach, you twist, and… land. Bright light hits you. Though you’re sure your feet didn’t move, you are somewhere new.

You are suddenly standing in the grand hall of a manor house with sunlight streaming in from high arched windows.

A young half-elf woman with dark hair stands near a chair. She nods her head respectfully, “My name is Starling and I am a handmaiden of this house. How may I help?”

Slightly disoriented, you stumble on your words and introduce yourself, explaining your search for the artworks and showing her the scroll case you have.

“I see… indeed. Finely carved “MM” in the case, that would have been my mistress’s inscription before her wedding. Millicent Maral.” She pauses and looks up towards the overlooking balconies. “The Baroness is not here at the moment, but the guest room is free and she and the Baron are always happy for visitors to enjoy the galleries. I will show you the way and leave you to explore.”

She hands back the scroll and begins walking towards the eastern wing of the house. You pass under the great balcony above and into a great display room full of trophies, treasure, rare weapons and costumes, and beautiful jewels. A far wall is lined with bookcases, leather sofas, and a grand desk. “There is a bell if you need to ring for me,” she gives a swift bow and leaves.

You put your scroll down next to the small silver bell on the desk. Everything happened so quickly, and you release a deep breath. Turning around you see the main wall over the doorway dominated by a huge painting lit by blue-tinged stones in sconces. There is no mistake, it is a painting of the Underdark by the artist you are looking for. (feel free to download and save!)