Riding through the fields to the town, you pass by well-tended gardens, a druid’s grove, and a hunter’s cottage. The path leads west along the southern wall of the town, clearly sturdy and dwarven-built. Two guards atop the wall nod as you enter, recognising your horse. Following the river edge inside the wall, you spot the small house of the Baroness. It’s recognisable as the being slightly apart from the rest, just next to the water, and entirely shuttered.

Dismounting, you approach the door up a couple small flagstone steps. The key opens the lock.

Inside, the house is dark but a soft violet glow emanates from stones on the walls around the hearth - they are glowstones, taken from the Underdark. There is a pair of simple blue-lined sofas in front of the fireplace, and a low platform bed at the back corner of the room. The house is only plainly decorated, a warm rug in the centre of the room and sconces for torches on the walls but little else. In the dim light, you can also see another door next to the bed, leading to the second room.

Using the key again, the door opens to a small dark room. You light a torch and place it on the wall.

This is a library, with shelves lining three walls. Looking through the shelves, you note that one wall is mostly hand-copied books of the laws and rules of different cities, races, and religious temples. Another wall is collected histories of the Drow and High Elves, with books that seem almost new to books that are clearly ancient. Finally, the back wall is a collection of scroll cases. Some are inscribed with “MM”, others with “BMM” and yet others with “DMMA”. You reach for one…