As you enter the doorway of the guildhouse, three figures await you. The dwarf Guildmaster Ironheart in his shining armour, the cloaked Guildmaster Llekrad, and the colourfully dressed Guildmaster Maral with a guitar strapped to her back. Clearly, word of your return arrived before you did.

“So, you have found the items we seek?” says Ironheart.

You tell them of all the items discovered on your journey… early studies of places in Faerun, the painting in the manor house in Saltfork, and the differently signed artworks from the small house.

Llekrad smiles slightly, just enough to tell he is actually smiling. “Ah, I hadn’t realised the reason we had so many hints of this artist was because, in fact, she was one of our own. My sister kept her interests to herself, so I am surprised. But pleasantly so.”

“And this means, of course, that we can go directly to her now,” interrupts Ironheart.

“IF she will reply to you,” scowls Llekrad.

Guildmaster Mesalt quite obviously rolls her eyes at both of them. She turns to you, “Thank you for your diligence. I have one more reward for you, something found by Aela in the library. I thought it would perhaps amuse you.” She hands you a velvet box. It’s filled with…. rocks.

box of rocks.png

Seeing the look on your face, she explains, “They are sending stones. Magical stones that allow the bearers to exchange a short message once a day. Of course, we don’t know who these belonged to. Or who has the other half of each. Intriguing, no? Perhaps a start to a whole new set of adventures for you.”

She pulls out her guitar and sings an odd melody. The portal that you arrived through appears again in front of the guildmasters, ready to transport you home.