Holding the map to Saltfork in your hand, you grumble and take a drink of breakfast ale.

You curse storms, magic hunters, cryptic hints, and who knows what… probably bandits on the road! With a huff you decide to cut your losses and head back to the guildhouse in Baldur’s Gate to find the cupboard to travel.

The day is drier, but cold and you feel like none of your clothes are quite completely dry after yesterday. Still, you ride steadily back to the city. Through the gate, where the guards remember you, and to the outer city and the piers.

At the end of the pier in front of the guildhouse stands Vapula, hand on scabbard, waiting impatiently for his horse. He spots you and grins. “Fine day for a ride yesterday, was it not? Shame you didn’t listen to me about the cupboard.” He turns on his heel and walks away smiling.

You sigh and go inside to find Baldric and ask about the cupboard…

Finishing a chat with a visitor in the main room, Baldric says his goodbyes then turns to you. “Um, yes,” says Baldric, “I did forget that the cupboard goes to Mistress Maral’s northern home. Yes, of course.” He clears the table a bit, putting the plates on a sideboard. “Come, follow me. Easy as pie. Or pasties. One of those.”

He leads the way down the stairs to the cellar, where there are four doors. One simple door leads to a room dressed for meeting and clients. Amongst the dark wood furniture sits a cupboard in the far corner. Unlike the furniture the colour is a deep almost black wood. Baldric goes to the side, moves some latches, then opens the door.

“A small step up, but it will take you straight to the manor house in Saltfork. Come, come now… step up… best to close your eyes really.”