Gathering all your findings of the last few days in a saddlebag, you leap up onto your horse. Turning along the river, you ride swiftly out the eastern town wall and along the coast path to Waterdeep! Back to the guild.

The wind and weather are with you… rounding cliffs the breeze from the north is at your back, speeding the horse. The sky is clear and bright.

About half way, the horse tires so you rest near an outcrop. Protected from the wind, you can light a fire and cook some lunch. You tie the horse near a small trickle of creek, gather some driftwood, and enter the small grotto.

After the rest, the horse revived, you set out again at an easier pace. You arrive in Waterdeep by nightfall, and find the guildhouse to report back to Guildmaster Ironheart. (no relation to the town!)